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Coming Soon

See below for information about any new facilities that are in the planning stage and we hope to be able to offer soon, or recently completed projects.

community shed workshop


Leyburn & District Community Shed & Gardens Project

UPDATE: We now have full planning permission for the building, please see the following newsletters for up-to-date information:
Click on the following link to see Newsletter Number 1
Click on the following link to see Newsletter Number 2

The Centre aims to provide facilities that will encourage everyone in our community to enjoy hobbies, pastimes and skills in the company of other people. The benefits of this on well-being and self-esteem are well known, and are especially needed following the forced periods of social isolation that many people have faced recently.

Our new project aims to build on our already varied programme of events. The objective is to encourage social cohesion through the development of new skills, the transfer of know-how between generations and the establishment of small money-making activities, in a welcoming, informal and low-cost environment. We also need to make the on-going running costs of the project as self-funding as possible.

The Men’s Shed Organisation is very successful at providing these things for men, but we we would like to build on that concept to include all sectors of our community.

The garden aspect of the project is already up and running, see this local newspaper article.

We are in the process of grant applications to raise funds for the significant start-up costs for the other parts of the project. Watch this space for updates.